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Reach out to your brothers and sisters by sending Rakhi Messages through this website! We promise to publish your heartfelt Rakhi Greetings on this page along with your name and the name of your sibling. In the meantime enjoy the sweetness of brother-sister relationship through these cute Raksha bandhan messages sent by loving bhaiyas and behnas.

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Dear Sister...
To My Most Loving Sis... (Ashudidi,Kishori, Sonudidi),
My Sister, My Friend,
We have been through a lot,
Some rough times,
Some sad times,
Some fun times,
Some good times,
Some times I'll never forget,
And some time I wish I could,
You are not only my sister,
But my best friend I could ever have,
We have been through a lot together,
And I hope there are more good ones to come.
From: Nagesh

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Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna Hai
Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai
Sari Umar Tuje Kush Dekna Hai
I thank God for giving me you as a small sister. Angels of God Protect you from all difficulties. Keep Smiling always.
Oh! God thanks for giving me a sweet Sister. Protect her as an apple of your eyes. Give strength to my sister when she faces any problems. Lets all her sickness, difficulties, tears comes unto me. Give happiness & joy in her life. Till the end of my life I want to be her loving brother, who guide & Love her. Bless her Family & her Future.
Thank You God
From: Tugele Bhaavu

My Dearest sister Renjitha,
Within this small interval of time you become part of my life. As my dearest friend, as my loving sister to share everything. My heart full rakhi wishes to you...
With lots of love
From: Anoob Kumar

Rakhi Messages
Dear Didi,
If one day you feel like CRYING...
Call me!
I promise that I will make you LAUGH.

If one day you want to RUN AWAY due to problems...
Don't be afraid to call me!
I promise that I will motivate you to FIGHT against worries.

And If one day you don't want to LISTEN to anyone...
Call me!
I promise to be there for you, and to listen to you VERY QUIET.

And whenever you need me, but can't even speak, Simply whisper in your heart,
I will be right there - Just before you...

My heartiest wishes to the most Lovely sister on the planet "The Earth".
From: Shyam Shrivastava

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you. Sorry I cannot be here this week. Hence just to tell all of you that you are the best people I have had in my life. I shall always be there for you.
From: Maruthi.K.Ujwal

I miss you very much now as you are far away in USA. My blessings and love are always with you!!
From: Sundu

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Hi didi,
Kaise kahoon ki i miss u very much
aap ki zindagi me - khushiyon ki bahaar ho,
kaamiyabi aapke kadam choome,
This year my hands are empty but you always live in my heart.
Love you didi
From: Vikas

To my most Loving Sis,
Hi da, Wish you a very happy Raksha Bandhan. This day is way to strengthen the bond between us. On this special day, I think of the days that we have spent together and shared our feelings. I'm so lucky to have a sister like you da. I pray for you, all your dreams and aims come true in this year. Special Rakhi wishes for my most loving Sis. Take care da.
Your Lovable Anna
From: Ganesh

Hey Ishwar(God) mai tujhase bahut pyar karta hu,
Tujh par mai apna sab kuchh nyochhavar karta hu,
Par mai apni bahan par tujhase jayada visvas karta hu.

Ho agar khata kabhi tu maf karna mujhe aur meri bahan ko,
Dena pade yadi saja, to dena mujhe, bacha lena meri bahan ko.

Meri bahan lakho, karoro me nahi, balki is duniya me sirf ek hai,
Lag jaaye usako meri saari umar, yadi is vasundhara par koi bhi nek hai.

Dhanyavaad deta hu tujhako, hai us par mujhko naaj,
Hey Gudiya garv karega tujh par aane wala poora samaj.

Rakhi ki dehr sari badhyi sabhi bahano ko....
From: Pramod Kumar Singh

Hi Chhoti,
I don't have my own sister, but "CHHOTI" whom I consider more than my real sister is more worthy than my life. One thing that I have learnt in these days is that you can get anything in your life, but without a loving sister, you life is incomplete. The reason is that whenever you want to share your pain, grief, sorrow, discomfort etc, you can get your sister standing besides of you. Affection from sisters is a great matter of deal for any brother. So, Guys who do have sister, love and respect her and promise to stand by her in every moment of her life.Happy Raksha Bandhan to every brother and sister. I thank my sister "CHHOTI" for being there with me in my life.
From: Surendra Pal Singh

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Hi Tanu Didi,
My Sister, I wish u a Happy Raksha Bandhan. I miss u very much now as u r far away in USA. My blessings and love are always with U!!
From: Raju

To My Most Loving Sister (Suji),
Suji, this day is a gift from God to express the deep love between us. Thanks for being with me to hold my hand, to be a shoulder to cry and a soul to inspire. My dear Sister, I always want your happiness only. So be happy always. On this wonderful day I'm missing you so much. I know Suji, you will think of me and our unforgettable days. Love da.
Happy Raksha Bandhan
From: Ganesh

Dear Sister,
Today is Raksha Bandhan...And I really wish you were here to tie the rakhi for me...We would have celebrated this occasion together...But wishing you Happy Raksha Bandhan...
From: Anu

Hi Di,
I liked your rakhi very much and the message written inside was touching. May this relationship live forever.
Love u forever..
Your Bro.
From: Deepanshu

Hi Dear Sis Lekha 'N' Piya,
I Just Want To Say That I Luv U So Much........ Happy Rakhi Day.....
With Lots of Luv
Ur Sweet Bro
From: Vikash

Dear Behan,
I really enjoyed the moments of Rakhi, and I swear that the promises I made to you will be fulfilled all my life, till my last breath, and my respect to Jiju will remain unchanged forever.
Thanks & Regards
From: Bittu

Hey Sis,
When the world goes dark,
Stars are there...
When the journey breaks up,
Hope is there...
When the entire world is vanished,
And you feel left alone...
Tilt your head and look beside you,
Will bring you comfort feeling of
Care and affection molds on you,
As your Brother is always beside you
To pour the special love and affection forever...
From: Aryan

Dear Sister Namrata,
I hope this is my last rakhi with you, kyonki tum apne sasural me hogi next year.
Thanks for your love & care.
From: Avinash Arya

Hi Guys,
I don't have my own sister, but whom I consider as my sister is more worthy than my life. One thing that I have learnt in these years is that you can get anything in your life, but without a loving sister, you life is incomplete. The reason is that whenever you want to share your pain, grief, sorrow, discomfort etc, you can get your sister standing beside of you. Affection and consolation from sisters is a great matter of deal for any brother. So, Guys who do have sister, love and respect her and promise to stand by her in every moment of her life.
Happy Raksha bandhan to every brother and sister.
I thank my sister for being there with me in my life.
From: Gaurav

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Hi Chinnu,
Sorry for constantly making you cry. But I love you very much. Unfortunately, whenever I make a conscious effort not to make u feel sad, I do so and end up making you angry and frustrated. You are my soul and everything in my life depends on your happy life. May you lead a worthy life.
Love u forever
From: Yours Muddu

Dear Chinnu,
You are the best sister that I would ever get in my life. I want you to be happy wherever and however you are. I know you love me too but I love you more than anyone else in this world.
Missing you
Love you forever
From: Yours Muddu

Hey Khushi,
I will be ur brother forever. Don't worry. I saw ur msg and got emotional to read that u don't have a brother and u r feeling unlucky because of this. Don't u ever think like that in the future. B'coz u have me as ur brother for the rest of ur life. Earlier I had just one little, cute sis, but now I have 2 very cute sisters.
Happy Raksha Bandhan KHUSHI
From: Sharath Shekar MS

Sweet Didi vai, my Bonu & Bontu,
Didi-dada, Vai-bon Kete Galo Sara Jibon Eri Majhe Ektukhkhon Anondo Dilo Raksha Bandhan Toder sokol-er proti roilo anek valobasa & srodhdha ami chirokal toder vair dada hoe thakte chai.
From: Vishak Bhattacharya

Hi Pavi,
It means a lot to have a wonderful sister like you. Thanks for the treasure of all the sweet memories that you have given me. Neither can I tell nor can you imagine what you are for me. But I can tell you when I need a pillar of strength, It's you… It's you…It's you…
Miss U all a lot..especially BABESA..Luv u all.
From: Jayashankar

Hi Didi
Thanks for the beautiful Rakhi. Aap hamesha kush raho yehi hum sabki dua hai apne rubb se. Wish u a very happy Rakhi.
Ur Brother: Rahul

I pray to God that all my sisters achieve their goals in life.May God give them strength and courage to fight adverse entities.Of-course,I am there to support them. Just give me a call any time.
From: Chinmay Pandya

Hi Badi and Chhoti,
This msg is for the most wonderful sisters of this world ----badi and chhoti. Thank u didi for always being there on my side and for helping me in those infinite ways which I cannot even remember...
Miss U: Ravi

Far away from you today, I look at my empty wrist and wish you were here with me this Rakhi. Missing you Sister.
From: Sandipan Saha

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Hi Hiral Didi,
Tum kaha chali gai ho muje chhod kar.. Plz muje muaf kar do, Main ab tumhare sath kabhi nahi jagdunga. Plz muje Rakhi wish karo. Maine tumhari 2 year pehle bandhi hui Rakhi abhi tak save kar ke rakhi hai. R u ok??
From: Nirmal

Hi sister
I am very sorry I can't come on Rakhi day. Apne bhaiya ke liye hamesha dua karna. I am missing u or batao test ki tayari kese chal rahi hai?
From: Chander

I am Veer from Karachi Pakistan. Meri sab sister's ko Rakhi ka tehwar Mubarak Ho. Agar koi sister mera yeh Message pare to muje mail zaroor kare..
From: Viram Maheshwari

Hi Khushi,
How r u? I read ur message, u don't have any brother right!!!!! U can consider me as ur younger brother. I will be very happy.
From: Deepak

DEAR SIS (Pinki)
What is the Day without SUN, What is the Night without Moon , What is the Life without Struggle, What is the Death with Fear, What is the Festivals without Relatives ,, What is the Fun without Friends. But Do u know what do I think every single moment... What will all these be without MY Sister....... Happy Raksha Bandhan
From: Chandan

Dear Farzeen and Heena
Happy Rakhi Bandhan. You are the most beautiful sisters in the world. I miss you. I am sorry I am in Saudi and not in Mumbai.
From: Moiz Bhai

To All Brothers and Sisters,
Happy Raksha Bandhan, may you feel the power of God's protection and blessings from heaven today and always. May God shower you with ever lasting happiness. I wish you all love, luck, joy and good health.
From: Ashaben

To all my loving sisters (Brinda di, Mansi, Nirali, Grishma, Saloni, Rajvi, Dhvanee, Milli)
I wish you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan and I pray to God that our relationship becomes stronger with love and care. I am sorry if I have hurt you all ever. I always wish good for all of you even if I act bad with you at times.
With love and care,
From: Dharin (Babs) - Vadodara, Gujarat

To Kutty Chellam,
Have a wonderful, prosperous and bright future ahead. May God bless you with all the blessings and good wishes.
From: Sundar

Hi Anna
I really feel happy to be your sister. I am sending this message to express my love. Be my Anna always. Don’t forget this sister is always thinking of you. You will always remain in my heart till the end my life. I love you very much.
By: Indira

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Sister is someone who is caring and sharing. Sister can understand things you never said. She can understand pain which is not visible to anyone. I love my sis very much even jaan se jyada.
By: San

Hello My Dearest,
I hope you are in your best health by the grace of God. On the occasion of Rakhi, I just want to say that if a person has a sister he is the richest person in the world. For me Rakhi is not a little thread but it's a meaningful commitment by the brother that he will love her sister and will always be ready to help her. But sorry to say that in this materialistic world majority do not know the meaning of this relation. I really wish to read more about this custom because it blesses us with our sisters love and prayers. Come to think of it, I feel I am the strongest person in the world when my sister ties Rakhi on my wrist.
Your Best Wisher
By: Fareed Ahmed

Hi Rajni
My Sister, I wish u a Happy Raksha Bandhan. I miss u very much now as u r far away in USA. My Blessings and love are always with U!!
By: Rajeev

Dear Sister Aruna,
Happy Raksha Bandhan. Wish you a long long life. Always be happy. Enjoy every part of your life. May God bless u with all the happiness in the world. May all ur dreams come true.
Your's Brother
By: Vivek

Dearest Sis
You are my best friend. You are wonderful as a sister. I love you very much. HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN.
With lots of love n prayers
By: Adarsh

Dear Sister Milu, Jhilu & Sudha
Happy Rakshabandhan. My good wishes are always with all of u. With Lots of Love
By: Bulu Bhai

Hi Didi
Never ever thought we will not be together this day. I am really missing you very much. The Rakhi you send is very good, it's looking great on my wrist. I just pray that we will be together on every Rakhi from next year. May God bless you with lot of happiness, love and success. Take care.
Missing You
By: Gagu

Hi Sis Bindiya
I am sure you are not going to tie Rakhi for me this year and forever. But let me tell you this. You are my sweetest little sis though we are not blood related.
By: Rakesh

Hai Da I miss u lot on this special occasion. I felt lonely all these days without u. So as I send this message thru the air carrying my affection love and everything that I have on u dear sister!!
By: Senthil

I'll miss the way you used to sit with us in a circle and do the arti and prayed for our well being on Raksha Bandhan. I'll miss the way you tilak us and tie Rakhi. Most of all I'll miss the way we stuffed you with sweets. I am sorry I won't be able to reach home this rakhi. I'll miss you but will be with you in heart and soul.
By: Amulya Behera

My Dear Loving Sister
I was totaly surprised when I recieved your rakhee. I haven't opened it yet. I will open it on the 19th. Hope you all are well. Mummy and daddy are well. Convey their regards. May God bless and keep you and family in good health.
By: Bob, Kuga, Shivaan

My Dearest Sister Mathu,
I miss you very much here on this day of love and affection. Though you are away from me, my thoughts are always with you.
Happy Rakhi
By: Mohammed Sadiq

Dear Minti,
I promise you that I will be there for Raksha Bandhan on Friday morning.
I miss u too!!
By: Bipin Bhaiya

Hello My Dear Sister
Your's Loving Brother
By: Sravan Kumar Reddy

My Dear Sis Ruchi
Wish a very Happy Raksha Bandhan. I cannot express how much I miss you. You are the greatest sis. I love you very much. Wish to see you soon here in US. I am proud of you!
Take Care
Your's Big B
By: Kiran

Dear Sister Mamta
With Love
YOur Loving Brother
By: Ismail

My Sweet Sister Sabita
U r the sweetest sister in the whole universe. A message only express the emotions and sentiment in words when people are at a distance but expressions of face can't be express in a message. So I am sure coming at your college hostel on the occassion of Raksha Bandhan would delight u. Whatever be the distance and how much ever may our lives be busy doesn't matter on a Rakhi day. Because u r greatest sister for me. I am proud of u.

By: Ratish Kumar

Hello Sunita,
You know that what are you for me? Wish you a HAPPY RAKHI.
By: Your Bhai(Monu)

Hi dearest 3 Stooges(Gulli Di, Gunjan & Pooo)
It has been 2 years since I am not with you at home on rakhi. I miss u a lot. 2500 kms away from u still seems u all are always around with ur chirpy gossips pulling my leg. May be I'm little lonely but being away from you gives me a wonderful chance to relish the idea that all of you mean the world to me.
Luv U didi Gunjan n Puja
Miss u a lot
By: Your Chanchi Bhaiya(Puneet)

I always enjoyed teasing you and pulling your braid but you never complained. I made undue demands and you pampered me fulfilling them. You scolded me whenever I did anything wrong. Your not talking to me was the greatest punishment ever. Today is the time I wish to express the gratitude for whatever you did for me. I owe my success to you as much to our parents Happy Rakhi.
By: Ankit

Dear Nagma,
My little Bonnie, I miss the time when we all got together to celeberate this festival. During the past festivals in these decades u haven't missed a single rakhi festival & have always made sure that Rakhi reaches to me on time irrespective of my place. I am so delighted that on this Rakhi I can actually get it tied by u personally.
By: Samir

Dear Sisters, Simran
Happy Rakshabandhan! God will give you long long life. Always be happy. Enjoy every part of your life. May God bless u with all the hapiness in the world. May all ur dreams come true.
By: Raj Bhaiya

I'll miss the way we used to sit and do the arti and prayed for my well being on raksha bandhan. I'll miss the way you tilak me and tie Rakhi. Most of all I'll miss seeing u. I am sorry I won't be able to reach home this rakhi. I'll miss you but will be with you in heart and soul.
by: Raj

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Sister is such a character which deserves Love, Fun, Mischief & Friendship. I have a Great Sister who is very Special as she is the 1 & only daughter in the whole Family. This is my 1st ever Raksha Bandhan when I am apart from my Family. I am already feeling the Deep Sorrow that I will feel on the day of Rakhi. I miss the Natural Smile on the Sweet & Innocent Face of my Dear Sister "Pratiksha" wearing the new Dress looking like an Angel on the Morning of the Raksha Bandhan. I will just recieve the Rakhi via post rather then being tied by her Face-2-Face & Hand-2-Hand. She will recieve the Gift via Courrier rather then from my Hands with my Kiss on her chicks. The main things I am gonna miss are the "Tilak" & "Pando"(Sweet) been done uptill now by her. The only thing I say here being in london is that : "There is nothing Greater than the Traditional Indian Festivals."


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